Affirmations Of Wealth Cards
Affirmations Of Wealth Cards
Affirmations Of Wealth Cards

Affirmations Of Wealth Cards

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All set up plan your finances right with The Powerful Planner?  

Let’s notch it up, and order these X Life-Changing Financial Affirmation Cards perfect to help you focus on your financial goals daily. 

While money isn't everything, it does play a role in almost every aspect of life. A dream house, a flashy Porsche, or a European trip, for example, are all expensive. However, being able to afford such a lifestyle is a whole different story. Using some PRACTICAL and INSIGHTFUL money affirmations is one hella way to get into the money-making mentality. 

The Powerful Planner has created a 52 card deck of exquisite Money Mindset Affirmation Cards to help you materialize riches and abundance in your life.

What’s the Science Behind It? 

To create a good mentality and incorporate change into your life, choose an affirmation card and repeat it. Daily, weekly, or monthly, choose a new affirmation as per your mood. 

Go out into the world, kick some asses, and bask in your newfound riches. As needed, repeat the process. 

Suggested Empowering Uses yoga, meditation, at work, on the fridge, or as a bookmark. 


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