Vision Board

The Vision Board helps you creating your ultimate mission, your long-term goals that can help reconnect and remind you to stay on track with your Vision.

Yearly Saving Plans

Yearly Saving Plans help you keep track of your yearly saving goals. This can further help bring clarity in your decisions as you empower your bank accounts with the right saving strategy.

Credit Repair Checklists

Life happens. Bad Credit is no doubt a curse, but it is never forever. This planner can help you prioritize your debts and just by implementing the Credit Repair Checklist, you can boost your credit score within short period of time.




The Power Planner

Keep your Life Simple


"I LOVE my planner! It is very high quality. I am looking forward to sitting down with my Husband and getting our finances on track!! Thank you so much for sharing your vision and passion with the world!! "


There’s a to-do list section and a notes section at the end of the week. I love the pattern. There’s ample space to write all your plans and to organize your life”

A Coffman

"If you're ready to get your financial life together you need this planner! It's beautiful, inspiring, organized and it came with stickers and a glittery pen! . Do me a favor and order yours today. Nastassia K Banks this planner is All. The. THINGS!"

Tra MacCEO

“I have always enjoyed buying this particular planner because a spendthrift person like me could hardly track where his money goes. But now, I can easily check and balance”


“Full size tabbed calendar, full week, lots of space to write and easy functional design. Equally great for those who don’t want to put on their entire lives on calendar but, only note important month and day details "

Stacie Markova

“I love this planner! I prefer a no fuss planner. This fits the bill, and this is not huge and heavy. The line spacing isn't too tiny or large. Monthly vision board is no less than a boon to keep you going “

Melina Vaguer